Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Crazy Ideas for next year

I am amazed by how much "stuff" I have, including clothes. I am contemplating trying to not buy any new clothing next year. I could make new things because gosh knows that I have enough material. I could refurbish some of the items that I have. Hmmm, something to think about.

This would of course exclude undergarments because, well, sometimes a girl just needs new undergarments and I cannot make underwire bras or a sturdy bra, in general.

There will also be a regimented exercise routine. Plus, after my doctor's appointment Monday, EKG's, still waiting on blood results, my diet and lifestyle need a complete overhaul. It doesn't hurt one either to make those positive changes. The food has begun immediately.

So, just thinking about things that may be achievable in the upcoming year. Perhaps, once I'm done hashing out ideas, I'll post a list of things I plan to do or change in the upcoming year. Feel free to share yours too!

P.s. I am starting to have all sorts of issues with turning off ventilators and life support, a common part of the job of a respiratory therapist. We're discussing more and more in classes and watching films and talking about the legal, moral and ethical issues. Makes one think and question if they are cut out for it. I thought that I was, but am now not so sure.

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