Friday, 4 December 2009

Books own me...

I have not been on the computer almost the whole week, with the exception of sending a paper to a teacher. It seems like I am either in class or at the school library. I come home to shower and put a little comfort food in my mouth before passing out, and the cycle begins again. Today, after classes, I came home and actually took a 2 hour nap.

I have finally gotten to read/catch up on blogs!!

Oh my! Crazy I tell you! My weekend will be spent studying and writing papers. ~sigh~ I will be going tomorrow night though to the last roller derby bout of the season AND riding the party bus!! Woohoo!!

On a cool note, we are arranging a group of us to take a private cadaver lab. Twelve of us, $40 a person, 4 hour lab and they will focus on the cardiopulmonary system. Yes, I am a complete, morbid, geek-oid.

Two more weeks til this quarter is over! Yipee!!!


Amanda said...

I wish I could get away from the computer some times! It can be pretty addicting.

As to the corpse lab, more power to you! I wish I could go into the medical profession, but am way too squeamish.

v8grrl said...

i want to do that lab...all i got to do was cows, cats and pigs...

on a side note for me...i'm so tired of writing i can't even think of anything to blog about