Saturday, 7 November 2009

Right now, there is a quiche baking away in my oven. I made it for our breakfast/brunch. I was debating making some beignets, but decided this would be easier. I am thinking, though, that tomorrow will be beignets and coffee. =)

We had two folks that S works with over for dinner last night. I made my late grandmaw's recipe of creole rice with pork and andouille, my spinach salad with feta, toasted walnuts and dressing, corn and some french bread. Oh, I almost forgot! I made a rum cake with a sugar rum glaze. I was an awful hostess though. After we ate, I washed dishes and crashed out cold. Our company was still downstairs. I think being up since 3:00am and not sitting down the whole evening except to eat wore me out.

Speaking of getting to sit down. S & I found two great old recliners at the Goodwill. One a brown (p)leather one that I am guessing is from the 70's with its button tucks and other details and color that makes me think that is its decade. The other a wooden and light blue cushioned Lazy-Boy from the early 80s me think. It's a maw and paw set for us. I did not even get to enjoy my new acquisition last night. Boo. They cleaned up really nice and are super comfy and were a quarter of the price of all that we found at the "vintage" furniture shops down on Broadway. =) I don't know, maybe they are both 80s? We're still in the process of painting and rearranging stuff.

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