Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Let's Bowl, let's bowl, let's rock n roll!

The husband and I are always saying that we should start bowling, form a league even. We talked about it this morning as I dropped him off for work. Then we heard someone on the radio talk about how they go bowl on Thursday nights. We were like, "We should do it."

My grandmother used to go bowling when she was alive. I remember her getting her bowling ball case, shoes and having on her league shirt to go meet the girls one night a week. The image is ingrained. I used to love to go with friends as a kid, then teen.

Just got a call from hubby. He asked if I wanted to go bowling Friday night. Well, heck yes I do! One of the folks from his work is up for it too. I would love to start a weekly or even bi-weekly fun night of bowling. It would be even cooler if we actually could get enough folks to commit to start a league. Oh the names we could come up with for our shirts!!

Now, I have to head off to classes.


Gingerella said...

Sounds like fun! I love to bowl but can never get hubby to go. He grew up in a bowling alley that his dad owned and ran and he claims he's still scarred from the experience, lol.

Lapetitemort said...

Awww! but that's sort of funny, =D

Maybe he'll eventually come around!