Monday, 2 November 2009

Itch to Stitch

I have the envie' to sew, big time. I have not made anything in a very long while. Alas, there is no time. Boooo ~pout~

We have been working around the house. Sam has been hanging our newly framed New Orleans prints that have been rolled away for years. He also bought me some new Halloween dishes. I have been meaning to reorganize my kitchen cabinets and pantry anyway, and now I have an excuse as I need more room! Plus, there is just general reorganizing as we keep changing things up and redecorating around here. We would like to hit some vintage stores for some arm chairs. We also need to refinish our free antique table and chairs.

Well, I'm off to classes.... and this, my friends, is why I have no time for fun reading or sewing.

1 comment:

Amanda said...

I wish I had time to make things, too. My house keeps me too busy to do anything crafty related.

The book you have pictured is a fun book. I picked a copy of it up last year. I can't pass up a fun vintage find :)