Monday, 2 November 2009

Cocktail hour?

We are planning on items to keep our eye out for when we next go thrifting. We have ideas for our living room. We would like to find some fun retro cush-y chairs for one. We are still kicking ourselves for not buying one we saw a few weeks back. It was gone when we next went to our favorite haunts.

I did some pic browsing for fun ideas of a rolling bar cart. These would be so much more fun than the way we have all of our liquors spread around now.

These are diverse and fun!

This one somewhat reminds me of an island in my late grandmother's house.

I love the circles on this one.

I love this one because of the green and chrome.

This one is so cute! Deco and elegant!


Amanda said...

I think cocktail time needs to be brought back. Those are fantastic carts!

weenie_elise said...

we are retro fitting an old tv as a cocktail cart

cocktail hour lives on!