Friday, 27 November 2009

Black Friday=Bowling & some new reads


We do not brave the madness of Black Friday. I find it the total opposite of goodwill to men which is supposed to be the whole part of the Christmas season. So, instead, we shall meet a few friends up the street and bowl! This is becoming a new passion! Who knows, maybe eventually we'll begin our own league, for fun of course.

I'm always a little late in finding things. I stumbled upon the RetroSpective mag site when searching for vintage housewife articles. This article on the Modern Retro Housewife is great!

If anyone would like to point me to blogs, websites and such feel free. I always enjoy fun reads!

1 comment:

Gingerella said...

Thank you so much for that link to RetroSpective! I just registered and am looking forward to endless hours of browsing!

Bowling to spite Black Friday sounds like a great idea. :)