Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Positive random rambles

There would be nothing to frighten you

if you refused to be afraid.


Needed to add a little positivity to my crowded thoughts lately.

I did get some lovely faux autumn glittered leaves to make me a hairpiece for $0.49 at Michaels.

Tomorrow is the state convention for Respiratory Therapy. We are required to go, and I'm riding with a classmate. I am looking forward to it though. A day without more testable information being crammed into my overloaded brain. =)

I am ordering my stethescope. In two weeks we start learning to differentiate breath sounds, take blood pressure, read chest x-rays, perform cpt... finally some fun stuffs!!

But still a little overwhelmed with cardio a&p, pathophysiology, clinical manifestations, lab fundamentals, and history and another short class of intro to respiratory stuffs.

Trying to take it in stride and stay positive. When I wake up in the middle of the night and can't sleep from anxiety... well, I think I'm going to just pop in my earphones and listen to those lectures that I record. A new sleep aide? =D

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