Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Wardrobe, dahlin', wardrobe

I finally got my husband to watch a full episode of "Mad Men" with me. YaaY! So, we're watching, and I keep filling him in on all of the characters. My favorite is Joan. It seemed his is too, haha. After hearing me ooh and ahh over her for the hour, he asked, "Well, why don't you dress like that everyday then?" My response, "I don't have enough of those clothes." He knows I adore all eras, but he keeps hearing me say, Joan's dress this, Joan's dress that. It's wardrobe, dahling, wardrobe that I cannot afford at the moment, but will continue to drool over.

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Amanda said...

I adore Mad Men too. Joan is my favorite character as well. Her clothes are fantastic. And I wish I could pull off her fabulous look. I can't get my husband to sit through 2 seconds of the show, let alone an entire episode.Good for you!