Friday, 25 September 2009

Stroll home

Today, I got out of class early because we had an exam. I took the short way home, as it was also the least muddy and has the most sidewalks.
This pic is just one of the town signs, but I love the garden around it.
This is one that I was trying to capture part of the road and its ups and downs. You have to look faaar into the distance to sort of see the hills. Oh well, the picture doesn't do justice, but I was using my cell phone to snap pics.

I am hoping to get a knack for finding fun things to snap on my walks. All of the prairie dogs were in their holes today. There was a bunch of bones in one of the fields, but I was slipping and sliding in that area of no walks and muddiness. =)
These were just some cool Halloween goblets at the grocery. Cool because they are actually glass, not plastic. Plus, the price was unbeatable. I splurged and bought two.

Here they are at home and a little clearer.


v8grrl said...

where'd you get those?

i need them

Lapetitemort said...

Believe it or not, King Soopers, 1.49 a piece. My little splurge because I'll use them all year long. =)