Wednesday, 23 September 2009

side info - random ramble

I agreed to do a few shows next month. I love Halloween and was excited thinking I could do a few things that I would normally not be able to do. Plus, I have not performed in a while. Then, I was dreading it. I just kept thinking of time gone during the times I will have to be other places. I have worked myself into a calm place again. I LOVE fall and Halloween and weird-ness. However, I think it will be best after October to just let performing go. School is just too much. After next week, we start second quarter. Finals for this quarter are at the end of next week. Second quarter = pathophysiology, cardiopulmonary anatomy, fundamentals & intro to respiratory techniques/lab... It only piles higher and higher, deeper and deeper after this. I just have to devote more in depth study time than I do now. I seem to have been doing well, well not doing much. It doesn't help that our house has become a complete construction site either. I have been devoting a majority of my free time helping S as much as I can in our home renovating endeavors. I really do not want to pile my plate too high. =)

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