Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Random goings on

So since all of my money has to go toward respiratory school, supplies, etc., I have pulled in the reigns on any shopping. Really, I did not do that much to begin with. I have decided to "renovate" clothes that I already have to make them more like what I would like. Both my vintage and modern duds are up for game to be revamped.

I so wanted a little leopard topper to match my little leopard ballet flats. After perusing around, I knew my purse strings could not bear it. I also thought, "Hey, I can make something similar for WAY cheaper!" So, I picked up a piece of felt, just a few cents, some plastic "needlepoint" type circles ($1) and began. I always have ribbon around and notions. It's not finished because I would like to put a bow of bigger black ribbon on it. I also have black tulle that could be a veil. I may make another so that I can make one more casual that I can wear to class and one fancier for nights out.
This is it so far (I approached it like a big pastie, all sewn, no glue on there!)

Here is just a shot of the prairie dogs along my walk. I wish I could have gotten a better shot, because they are so chunky and cute. I debated taking a shot down their holes. I've seen potato chip bags, wrappers. It makes me wonder if people put them in there or if they drag them in when trying to scrounge for snacks?

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