Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Home renovation

My house is a complete disaster area. We have been planning on re-doing the house room, by room. We started this past weekend on our bedroom. We began by re-mudding our walls. Each day I have been wet sponging a wall or half depending on how much homework and work-work, housework and cooking that I have to do too. Everything is crowded into the middle of our bedroom with a few things still outside. We still will have to do another coat and sponge down before we paint. Disaster area. No amount of vacuuming or mopping or dusting helps. ~sigh~ Then we're going to tackle the bedroom floor... Why did we decide to do this right now? Haha, because we are insane. We've had the supplies because we have been buying little by little each week. Sam came up with the colors on a lark, and it turned out I loved the idea. We're doing a rusty/brownish/orange with a dark chocolate trim. Very retro, yet Halloween. =)

I want no one to come over right now, but I like having company. We never do though. We keep talking about our Tiki Room though that will be the last room to be done. I am sure we will spend even more time at home entertaining at that point rather than going out.

I have been in a groove with cooking every night. It has become exciting and challenging to come up with different and really tasty dishes. It's my inner chef sneaking forth. =) We have saved more money as well, only eating out, one at the most, two times on the weekend. Then, we can buy more at the home improvement stores each week, haha.

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Amanda said...

I completely understand how renovation is taxing. I have been redoing our home since we moved in two years ago. So far, only 2 rooms are done unfortunately. Stay strong!