Sunday, 6 September 2009

Find, Free, Score~

In the chaos that is our house of remodel right now, things have been, well, ugh! We have been discussing future changes, purchases, etc. Too much to take on with school, work, and so on, but we do anyway. Mr. Mort was leaving to go to the home improvement store for something we forgot when he came back in and said, "LaPetite, could you come outside a minute?" Oh goodness?! What happened now? were my immediate thoughts. He held my hand and guided me to the next door neighbor's house. Randomly, they put different items, furniture, household out on the curb with signs "FREE". Well, today was our lucky day. What was out there you ask? An old kitchen table with clawed feet and folding leaves along with five matching chairs. They are just what we were talking about getting! They are not in too bad of shape either, a light sanding and refinish will make them lovely! I can even repad the seats though the fabric is in stellar condition. We carried them into our already crowded garage for their turn in the remodel. Here's the table. Excuse the clutter, I have cabinetry and such in there too being refinished right now. I didn't snap a pic of the chairs because they are just stacked upon each other. It was perfect timing because our kitchen set has just about had it too. What luck!


Shay said...

Serendipity is a wonderful thing, isn't it? Makes you feel as though you're living right ;-)

Lapetitemort said...

Yes, yes, it is!
With a little love, it will be spectacular. =)
I keep telling myself that about our do-it-yourself house makeover too, haha.


v8grrl said...

i just got rid of one of those!!!!
I may even still have the leaves...I'll check

Lapetitemort said...

On this one the leaves don't detach, they just fold and latch up. =)