Thursday, 27 August 2009

shoes and lungs

Our final is the "dance recital" at the end of the semester, two class group numbers. We also have to make our own groups and choreograph a number to audition for the big show at the end of the semester. All the dance and yoga classes perform. I want a bee costume like in the Blind Melon video. Oh shoot that's tap.

I'm going to buy my jazz shoes after the asthma lectures at the hospital. Is it weird that I'm looking forward to doctors and therapists talk about respiratory stuff?
Since some of us are going to this, we did not have a class today. Wow, I could have just had a day off, what was I thinking? See, I'm a weirdo because I am way too into this stuff.

Oh, and there is one guy in my dance class. He is super young, and super talented. I mean the guy does pointe! How awesome is that?

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