Friday, 28 August 2009

Contemplations again.

Well, due to many extenuating circumstances and circumstances beyond my control, things may change. School is on a cusp. Too much to go into, though my grades are exemplary. I do not qualify for any types of student aid, yet we do not make enough for me to pay for all of the tuition, books, innoculations/vaccinations, tests, cpr classes, health workups, mandatory conventions, extras - getting a vehicle, insurance, etc (we only have 1 vehicle we share, the places that I have to be and go are outside of public transportation within time limits after a class or between) - They are constantly throwing more on the fire, each week that we have to buy, attend, go do in all areas of the state. I have previous student loans, and don't qualify for the federal ones with low interest, and would have to go through private banks for more. Too many other things to throw in there. There has to be much thinking going on. My wonderful husband has told me he would get a weekend job to pay for it, but I cannot make him do that. I hardly see him as it is. The hours that I work are paldry at best though flexible which works in this climate of never knowing when you have to attend class or other lecture they decide is mandatory to your grade.
Maybe, I should just try to find some fun job and forget the school, stay out of debt. Nothing quite works out like it should in my life anywhoo.
Dream jobs for today:
1. tattoo artist
2. chef
3. writer
4. farmer
5. dance/exercise instructor
Funny. Time for thinking, planning, doing. No decisions made or thought of yet. Just having a rotten day. Poop, because my day started out so well.


v8grrl said...

are you sure about this?
what about frcc or something.

you seemed so excited

Lapetitemort said...

No, I'm not sure about anything. All I know is that I cannot afford everything. I put a ton on my credit card and haven't even finished buying books for this semester. I have to drop my jazz dance class because they have decided to schedule more stuff for us on Wednesday nights, some of which we have to pay for. Plus, they are making us do all of these other "extra" things - and if we don't attend, it affects our grade. And being married with no kids puts you in a screw-y bracket for any sort of financial stuff. It's a complete catch-22 for so much. I have some deep contemplating to do right now about how far I want to put myself in debt and if I will be able to pay it off in a quick amount of time once I'm finished, or if I just stick with a miserable, but reliable paycheck and stay out of debt. Have to do some thinking.

Lapetitemort said...

I am thinking of becoming a gypsy-vagabond.