Saturday, 22 August 2009

Caught in a web

I am very much procrastinating this morning. I should be working on finishing my microbiology paper and the presentation that I have to do for it. I should also be studying for my physics exam that is on Tuesday.
Instead, I am baking some apple pecan bread and just got finished cooking the husband fried ham and biscuits. I am waiting for the bread to cool enough to cut a chunk.
I keep looking at my stack of magazines that I have not read, and I would much rather settle down with those, haha.
Unfortunately, I also have three resubdivision drawings to do for work for Monday as well. Pay checks are good. There is also a late night show tonight that I am scheduled for. There's a little sum of cash too.
Being lazy is calling my name though. Poop.
I know that I will do a little at a time and get everything completed.
I have an urge to shop though. I want cute little cardigans for fall and winter. =) And I want a new pair of really cute flats because my last pair bit the dust. I have some tops that had to visit the GoodWill bag because after too much washing and drying, they are now too small - or I just got taller?
Oh weekends, you are always much too short!

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Amanda said...

Procrastinating is just so much more fun, though. Sounds like a great meal by the way.