Monday, 10 August 2009

Alphabet Soup

Respiratory Care physics = alphabet soup. Many abbreviations, acronyms, symbols, formulas. I felt like a dummy when talking to other folks in Microbiology today. I mentioned that I felt as though my brain would explode with all of the learning of what everything means. Apparently, other folks are just plugging numbers into formulas they have looked up and not bothering with the reading assigned to go with it.

To paraphrase: "How are we supposed to know what all of those things stand for or what the formulas are supposed to mean? I mean, what's tidal volume?"
Um, because she assigned pages and sections to read that explain and give definitions? Tidal volume is one of the first terms explained?

C'est la vie! I like to know why I am calculating all of these things and what all of the letters and numbers mean because I am a dorkus. I have a feeling more will drop like dead flies by the end of the week.

Luckily, the stuff in the first five chapters of microbio is things that I have already been exposed to. Just have to refresh the sleepy brain pockets.

Luckily, I like most of the people so far in the class. I keep repeating this because it is just us 20-something people together, day in, day out for the next two years. Open mind, hopefully with them as well.

I think work has finally gotten the picture. I cannot continue with them with all of the fast-course classes right now. Au revoir!


Jitterbug said...

Alphabet soup! You sound like somebody straight out of the Depression describing all Pres. Roosevelt's new agencies. :)

Hang in there... I always, always, always felt like a fish out of water when starting a new class. The syllabus alone could make me feel like an idiot. Two or three classes in - and I realized everybody around me was in the same boat. You'll be whipping around those acronyms in no time!

v8grrl said...

tidal volume=your normal air...normal breath in and what about the Residual volume?


you will remember another 6 months it will all be normal thinking.

I'm so excited for you!!!
Synda is going through the same thing right now

v8grrl said...
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Lapetitemort said...

I was considered the dumb butt though for reading and writing down all of them. =\