Wednesday, 8 July 2009


thankfully, there are no longer rooms of iron lungs!

I only have three more weeks with my current job. August 5th is orientation for the respiratory therapy program. Then, I will be there five days a week. From what I understand, I will be there from 7:30am until 3:00pm. This will work out perfectly in the mornings. Sam will be able to drop me off on his way to work since he passes right in front of it every morning. In the afternoons, I will walk the 5+ miles home. Well, except on Wednesday evenings. Then, I will walk to the other school and take my two hour jazz dance class. ~jazz hands~ =D
I am sure this will be a little daunting, but I am excited.

p.s. I worked out the "missing" assignments with the teacher. Turns out she did not have things in the computer on her end. I just had to send the originals and the ones that she sent me with her comments and voila!

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v8grrl said...

also...when they say 730 to 3 that is the long time frame...bring something to do at lunch...sometimes I run at lunch or walk...i try not to sit and eat crap with the chubsters

oops did I say that