Tuesday, 7 July 2009


As I said yesterday, I did some straightening and organizing. It's only the beginning. I did clear the kitchen table and began on the kitchen. I pulled out table clothes that I had bought years ago and had never removed from the packaging. When Sam got home, something amazing happened. Instead of putting his work case and random work belongings on the kitchen table, he brought it into the bedroom and put it in a corner by his nightstand. He then said, "What happened to the bedroom? It looks super nice." Wow. Maybe having it clean and straight will bring him about to keeping it that way rather than randomly dropping his things where ever.
Another nice perk? We ate dinner at the kitchen table rather than on the sofa in front of the tv!
Today I wrangled up the pile of books under our bed. Well, all but the ~wink, wink~ books that just do not need to be displayed. The next task will be rearranging the bookshelves. I fear they are close to full, really smooshed full. I will have to give some thought on how I would like to handle that.
Between today and tomorrow, I would like to tackle our upstairs bathroom. Straighten and rearrange, clean the light fixtures... Maybe a tiny bit more to the kitchen as well.


v8grrl said...

2 things with the books...you can donate them to the public library, or take them to the used book stire to get credit...

Or do like me and get a bigger bookshelf

Lapetitemort said...

We already have four bookshelves, one is 7' tall, one 6', and two 4' ones! We just love books though. Half of the books I have never even read. That's thanks to having Sam's books which were packed in storage for years before we moved here. Plus, I like buying used and bargain books that look interesting. =)

The Glamorous Housewife said...

"Well, all but the ~wink, wink~ books that just do not need to be displayed."

I remember finding my parents *wink, wink* books under the bed when I was like 13. I stole them and brought them to school and all the little girls looked through them and pointed and laughed. Then I brought them home and put them back. I am pretty sure my mom never found out!

Lapetitemort said...

Heehee, that's funny!
Mine aren't really even that bad. I just feel funny putting these three on the bookshelves... I think just because of the titles, haha