Saturday, 18 July 2009

Sewing time

With the prospect of being without my own income in the next few weeks, I have been tightening my boot straps. I have been wanting a little plaid button up shirt, sort of rockabilly-ish to wear with my rolled up jeans. I have seen some prices and thought to myself, "I should really just make my own." So, I rummaged through my stash of fabric and fabric remnants. I found a red,blue,brown plaid cotton fabric. It was about a yard and a quarter that I paid little over $1 for. Hmm, so I dig through patterns. I had two different shirt patterns that would work! I cut out the pattern pieces and have the fabric cut out. This one will have elbow length sleeves to go through a few more seasons. Now, I just have to sew that baby together. =)

I think that I can make some shirts similar, with puffy sleeves or a little more feminine. I may even make some sash/bow belts to make them more dressy or pinup style. I also want to make this skirt, the capris and top. =)

I am becoming a little more confident with my sewing skills. Also, I am becoming more excited that I can actually make my own clothes. This is a good thing when you are only 5'1".


The Glamorous Housewife said...

All this talk of sewing make me want to find my sewing machine and get to work! But alas, I must wait until I move- the machine is buried under tons of boxes and it is just not worth it to find. I cant wait to see how your shirt ends up.

Amanda said...

Best of luck!