Friday, 29 May 2009

Lemon Chiffon? =D

I did one round of bleach last night. I am now the proud owner of a lemon chiffon-y (a very pale yellow) colored hair. Am I weird because I kind of like it?! I want to enjoy this weird color a few days before I apply the purple. I forgot how fun it was to play with hair color!

That's what I did yesterday when I got finished with work for the day. It kind of helped to relieve my work related stress/anxiety. I guess that was because I couldn't help but smile afterward. This morning I curled it and put on makeup and I look like a warped Jean Harlow, haha. I even put on one of my cute vintage looking sundresses. So easily amused. Now, off to do mountains and mountains of drawings and even more when FedEx brings me more later.

1 comment:

v8grrl said...

i love look so glamorous.
i can't see the purple post it again...or send it to me...

so pretty