Friday, 15 May 2009

Accentuate the positive

I know that I always say that I need to make positive changes, and somehow, I always revert back to dwelling on negatives. Someone must have been reading my thoughts because one of my magazines came in the mail yesterday, and it deals with trying to find positives. There are all sorts of tips on reframing situations in your head, trying to not dwell on negatives and bad situations. Reading through is making things click in my head. My life is filled with much more positive than negatives. Even though I know this, I tend not to realize it often. I have the bad habit of taking a bad situation, thought, occurrence and replaying it over and over and over until I drown myself in negatives and drown in stress, sad and bad. Shame on me. I am really going to make a concerted effort to do little things to get over those humps. It is what I want life to be; I create my own happiness and joy type scenario, ya know?

On a side note, cheese makes me feel good. The silliest things make me happy. I should not be ashamed of that. Yesterday, for the b-day, Sam took me to JoAnn's. I got some cute clearance Halloween fabrics. Then, he took me to Hot Topic. Yes, I am guilty because they have really cute tees and, of course, "Nightmare Before Christmas". Sam found the greatest peep toe shoes and dragged me to go look at them. They are lime green, monster peep toes! They have teeth across the toes, a creepy eyeball, black heels and a black bow on the back. Love. Yep, I got them and will parade them around gleefully. I got a HorrorPops tee too, because it has the Bride of Frankenstein type cartoon girl on it. Besides, I just like the HorrorPops. =p
Yes, I am 36, and I adore adolescent fashions.

We did go see the new "Star Trek" movie. I must admit that I was not expecting much. However, I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was! He also suprised me with a dvd of the History Channel's show on voodoo. My geeky side exposed.

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