Tuesday, 28 April 2009

One of those days...

Today is one of those days, much like yesterday, when I ponder why I am not on scripts for anxiety and panic attacks and stress related stuff like many of my friends. I truly would have loved to pull every strand of hair out. You know those days. The ones that start in the morning right when you get out of bed and do not fit the pot in the coffee maker right and the whole counter has your morning joe? Then a container falls out of the fridge and falls all over the floor? Only to be followed by one (two) of the crappiest work days ever, then spilling your bottle of beer all over - the last one that was in the fridge because you haven't made a liquor run yet? Yeah, that has been my past two days. I do, however, have wine. One bottle is even open and waiting in the fridge for me to end my work day. Screw chamomile tea, I had a cup last night and a little while ago. It does nothing for those days. Neither has going for walks or runs. This is when I say, "Yes ye old friend, tonight we spend meaningful time together." This is why I do not take tons of prescription drugs; I would rather dull the edge with vino or brew.

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v8_grrl said...

maybe you should switch jobs and become a beer brewer :)

Or wine somalier