Friday, 13 March 2009

School 2

So, I only have to take a Medical Terminology course because my other classes do not "cover" as that. It's okay though because I know it will be a breeze since my former Bio, Anatomy & Physiology classes and labs dedicated part of each semester to medical terminology. (Those classes were for science majors going into medical fields). I even still have all of my prefix, suffix, root flashcards, hehe. I am such a dork hoarder. The head of the Respiratory Department said if I complete that class I can still be considered for the August 2009 start. This is one of those programs that only takes people once a year. I just applied for the other community college to be accepted take the summer class. Fingers crossed everything works out. In the meantime, the nice lady is sending me more information, and I will be getting the application for the August 2009 program start. Maybe this is a small sign. We'll know for sure if everything goes smoothly for me to get into the summer class, get my application done and get accepted.

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