Friday, 27 March 2009

Friday! YaaY

I finished up my work for the day and did a little straightening up. There is still tons to do though. Oh, I also shoveled our drive and walk and my elderly neighbor's walk too.

I looked through the summer catalog and picked out two classes that I can take online. The one I need as a prerequisite, Medical Terminology, and the other that is a required class for anytime, Communications (interpersonal communications). Hopefully, when it's time to register in a week, I can snag those up. That same week, I'll meet with the RT head for my interview with her. Things seem to be progressing. I also looked up the bus lines for both schools and the bike routes there. Hmmmm.

Every evening, I have been reading all of my old notes and texts from my previous classes. I am trying to refresh my brain of all of the information that I have already learned, especially my biologies and chems. Blah, chemistry.

Hubby is planning on picking up some firewood after work so that we can sit in front of the fireplace tonight. He also mentioned picking up dinner from some restaurant. I am all for not having to cleanup a bunch of dirty cooking ware and dishes! I am sure cocktails will be involved too.

We have been buying and consuming tons of raw veggies and fruit. On a whim, I looked at the goneraw website that I have not visited in probably a year. Since I have raw nuts, raw dried coconut, raw agave nectar and lemons, I decided to make the lemon cookie recipe. The raw almonds are soaking now. By tonight, I will be able to blend them all and get them in the dehydrator. I figured since I have been craving sweets so badly (and indulging), these would be a better alternative. I think that I will make some green smoothies when the craving for sweets hits. I used to drink those daily, so yum. Guacomole rolled in lettuce leaves were a staple, along with cold soups. If the weather decides to make up its mind and stay spring, I will more than likely go that route. I have some tomato slices that I dehydrated and have been soaking in cold pressed olive oil with garlic for some time. That would probably be really good over some thinly sliced squash. Okay, I am getting hungry now.

Ooooh, I wonder if I can make the kale chips in my dehydrator like I did in the oven. I mean, it's all raw, natural ingredients.

Oh come on end of workday! Finally, a weekend with nothing planned makes me so excited!

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v8_grrl said...

don't over worry are going to find that you are a genius compared to the people who are in your class...

I promise!!!