Monday, 2 February 2009


My aunt sent me a package that had a King Cake!! YaaY!! I have been planning on trying to make one soon. My mom and aunt had sent me the recipes from the Times Picayune and Haydel's Mardi Gras magazine. She just curbed my craving though! Even though yesterday, Sam and I picked up some mini Valentine cupcakes. Little cute bite-sized ones. I have been craving cupcakes for weeks, and I suppose he was tired of hearing me say, "I really could go for a cupcake." Haha

I guess I am getting slightly more confident in my baking and cooking skills. We went to Daughtry's this Saturday for a bite. I got the lobster mac n cheese. It was good, but I just kept thinking that it would be so much more delicious with crabmeat or crawfish or shrimp. Sam agreed. I have perfected French bread and corn machoux and a few other dishes. It has gotten to the point that I do not even want to go out and eat anymore. I am so disappointed with the dishes that I get. As I always say, if I just had someone to clean up the kitchen and dishes I would cook all the time.

The package also had these cute pj's in it. =) They are cute and remind me of something vintage. I cannot wait to sport them. I feel bad because I want to pair them with heeled slippers, but I do not own any. =p The only draw back to them is that they are sheer, and I feel as though I should wear a pretty black bra and panties underneath.

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