Friday, 2 January 2009

Totally missed it

We walked on up to the pub New Year's Eve, first stopping into the tattoo shop to see our friend and tell her that she and her hubby should join us.

I thought that I would start out slow, a glass of chardonnay with a glass of water between. The place thins out and a guy on guitar plays and sings. He is actually pretty good. The bartender, my hubby and I begin to sing a little. One more glass of wine please and another water. This one goes slightly quicker. Okay, so let me switch to brew. One, two... I'm hungry and sleepy. I look at the clock, and it is only 10:45pm. Our friends had not shown up yet. The pub is a ghost town. I begin talking to strangers. I am sleepy. I ruin the night by saying that I am ready to go home. We walk home, I make grilled cheeses and I pass out, all before the toll of twelve. I did not even hear the fire works or commotion. I suck.

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