Friday, 16 January 2009


So, I joined and started a blog there to track my workouts, meals, progress, etc. It seems that people there respond quite frequently to everything. Perhaps, they shall hold me accountable. If I post what workouts are planned each day, I am thinking that I will be more likely to do them. I am really going to try and also track my meals. I am researching the way to each when you are going to do more weight training in conjunction with cardio. Too, I am trying to learn the clean eating way, along with how much protein, carb and fat percentages should be consumed. I am feeling more motivated. I did some dance kick drills yesterday. Just that fifteen minutes of high intensity kicking relieved some of my stress and anxiety. (Work has been strangely busy, with much more to come)

I still am going to make room for my cocktails, but only on the weekends. Sam and I hit the grocery last night where we stocked up on lots of fruits, veggies, lean proteins, lean meats and seafood. Of course, our fridge and pantry were almost completely bare anyway, haha.

Back to work. There are many projects, impossibly due on Tuesday. I sense that I may have to work a little over the weekend.


v8_grrl said...

SO? howd it go?

Lapetitemort said...

I did it, but I swear to whatever, that some higher being hates me.

woke up early saturday with a stomach bug. suffice it to say, it was not pretty, you know any oriface was not off limits. i had 4 saltines all day, and while watching celebrity sober house, when steven adler was puking up his heroine, jen was puking up saltines and one advil. felt slightly better yesterday, and tons better today, but still very little food has entered in fear of being rejected. grits have been in all day, yaay! but complete breakdowns with work pressures and stress. =(
i plan on starting up again tomorrow, just need to get some food back in to build back up strength.
how are you doing?