Friday, 30 January 2009

Lewd, crude & tattooed

Got my cupcake yesterday! I will have to take a pic to post later. Eileen took some at the shop, but she told me they came out too shiny. I have to walk up there today because she told me that I left my glasses, d'oh. She said she wanted to take some more pictures too. It's so cute! I am jonesing for some more cute ones. I am inspired to sketch more now.

Down one more pound. One pound away from 110, yeess! Since Eileen is now working right next to my gym, she said that maybe she would join. I am prodding her to do so. Then I would have a workout buddy and someone to guilt me into going regularly. Though she is already smokin' and has muscles.

We're supposed to go to Lollipop tomorrow night. I haven't seen Pinky in ages, and she and Rockstar Aaron will be spinning sweet tunes to groove to, heh. We'll go as long as it's not snowing. I hate walking a few miles in the snow, especially when I am not dressed for snow walking. We plan on taking the train downtown and walking everywhere so that I can embibe in a few and not have to worry about being the DD. Sweet.

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