Tuesday, 13 January 2009

I'm not in high school anymore, so why?

Why are women so catty toward each other? I admit, I fall into the gossip trap, being catty at times. My descent happens most times when someone has done a discourtesy to me or a friend who was not deserving. Even then, I am so disappointed in myself.
Oh universe, help me to not care what others think of me.
There are periods where I can completely be fine with who I am and how I look. Why can I not do that all the time? Perhaps I should indulge in I'm o.k., You're o.k. to unlock the secret of my issues?
Is it because I am entrenched in a hobby that is full of glamorous, stunning women, and I am the clown of the group?
I try and convince myself that I am just as worthy of acceptance as any of them.
When the claws become exposed around me, I do sometimes notice it is because even they are feeling less than what they appear on the outside.
I am going to start to take a step back before being sucked in. I am happiest when I am free to be my inner dork.
Bingo Bitch


v8_grrl said...

Is that a flaming penis? What the hell?
girls are catty...it's life.
and YOU my dear are ok....

Lapetitemort said...

Heh, no it's a DUAB marker for bingo. My bingo card is in the other hand. =)