Thursday, 22 January 2009


Since I am on a roll...

What a year the past was, yeah right. Had my miscarriage (had not thought I even wanted a spawn cuz I really don't have a fondness for the little tykes), found out that I have fibroids - add that to the endometriosis, found out a few more diagnosis too, none of which I will delve into here. I hate my job. Two people that I was friendly with have passed. I have lost site of anything that truly mattered. I am in a deep funk right now. The kind of funk that makes me think that packing a backpack and just taking off and not turning back is not such a crazy idea. I need something good to happen, something small but good.

Because self mutilation is always good in these situations, I emailed my tattoo artist friend and am setting up a time to go in and get more done.

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