Thursday, 15 January 2009

Chance? Motivation

To begin this little story, last month at our Winter Burlescapades I had the chance to meet many lovely people in our audience. One woman, though, stuck in my head. She had her hair done in victory rolls, and she had some amazing "guns". As it happens, she friended me on myspace. I was reading over her profile and looking at her pictures and whoa momma! She's a figure competitor! Talk about inspiration. We have chatted a bit, and she directed me to (that's her page on the site) where she writes articles, tracks her workouts, diets, competitions, etc. So, I joined the site yesterday. I believe it is more motivating actually knowing someone who has achieved such high goals. She is also a personal trainer and trains at the chain of gyms that I belong to. Perhaps, I will be able to coerce her into training me at some point (of course, I would pay the training fees, haha) This chance meeting could be exactly what I need to push me to take my exercise, diet and lifestyle changes seriously and permanently.

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v8_grrl said...

Just don't get too buff.
it looks weird