Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Winter gardening

So, I am experimenting this winter. I just got done potting some small veggie and herb seeds. I put them on this winding wine rack/cabinet thing we have that is in our kitchen by our sliding glass door. Now, I just wait and see. Some of the seeds that I used were old, so if there is no budding in the next two weeks or so I will know they are bad and try some new ones that I have. If it works, I am thinking of making a bench/shelf type piece to put in the large open area there. Right now, I am just concerned about my nose-y dogs and my dirt. They love to nose around, and when sprouts come up, well they like to taste. ~frown~ This is why I chose the steps going up the wine rack for perches right now. Well, let's cross our fingers and see if I can get yummy-goodness during the snowy winter months too. The goods: dill, parsely (old seeds), basil (old seeds), peppers (two kinds of old seeds), spinach, cherry tomato. Let the experiment begin.

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