Wednesday, 31 December 2008

On the verge of 2009

I have never been big on New Year's Eve. For some reason, there has always been something negative or life altering that has occurred at that moment when the clock chimes twelve. I do not plan resolutions or changes. I do think about how quickly the year has flown by and if the next will do the same.

Last night, I watched the History Channel's first two episodes of the The Seven Deadly Sins, good by the way. Interspersed were commercials for next weeks barrage of Armageddon Week shows with their climatic conclusion being about all of these cultures, religions, prophecies about 2012. Yes, I am intrigued. Then, I began thinking, "So what if there were only about four years left?" That thought alone makes me want to take more risks in my life. Live on the edge. So what if it is just hype and crazy talk, though I have always been obsessed with end of the world stories. Why do I live so close to the straight line? Okay, so sometimes my line wiggles a bit, but I want to blow that baby askew. My daydream of when I am old is to be able to sit around a wax nostalgic about all of the wild adventures that I had as a youngin'.

Maybe this year, I will look forward to the New Year. Perhaps, I will take time to make a few resolutions. Not the mundane ones like to lose weight or exercise more often, no, exciting visions should be on that list. A bike trip in another country? Hiking some gorgeous trail that I have read about in National Geographic Adventure? Walk across a few states and camp along the way? Those may be slightly out of reach, but you get the idea.

We walk up to the pub tonight for libations and to be amidst other folks in the celebrating. I suspect that my mind will be racing with ideas. I suppose I should be excited about the prospects of a whole new year to live.

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