Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Holiday food

We are going to play it low key this holiday, basically just the husband and me. Christmas afternoon, we'll be joined by a friend. I think Sam is going to run to work to bring another friend food who has to work the night shift. I am trying to create a menu that will satisfy all of our tastes and be yum too! Sam and I are going to hit the grocery late tonight to score the rest of the ingredients that I am lacking.

So far we'll have:

Seven Spiced Cornish Hens (already have the birds)
Stuffed mushrooms
Either Shrimp n Grits or a Spicy Shrimp nacho app that I make on single chips
Fresh baked French Bread

I'm working on figuring out my veggie dishes now. I have an orange asparagus that is good, but Sam doesn't really like asparagus and I'm not sure if our friend does either.

other possibilities

Cheese plate with candied pecans and fruit
Scalloped Potato Gratin
Stuffed peppers
Corn Soup

And I found this recipe that looks mmmmm

And of course, cocktails!!!
Fresh whiskey sours
Egg Nog
Micro-brewed Chocolate beer, if we can run there and snag some!
Varied beers and other concoctions

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v8_grrl said...


i am going to try to make s small turkey for Bobby...
and we will have all the side dishes

xmas night we head to the Zoo Lights.
It's so pretty