Tuesday, 2 December 2008

100x good luck?

On my way to put some mail in the outbox around the corner, I found a $1 bill fluttering down the walk. Does this mean that I'll have 100x good luck? Haha.

I have been busy sewing and crafting for our holiday shows. I am making skirts for our group roller skating routine. My weekends are pretty crammed with practices and shows. A few of us are in five numbers, five. Whew! That is a ton of choreography to learn and costumes to make! I am excited about all of it.

I wonder when I will find time to do Christmas shopping or decorating. As usual, I have no idea what to get the hubbin'.

I am hoping to post some cool new recipes that I have been experimenting with lately. I tried anasanzi beans. They have fewer calories per serving than regular red, black and chickpeas. They are sweeter in taste, though, than the others. I hope to acquire a few new cookbooks. When I was visiting with my friend back home, I found she had the most awesome collection of cookbooks. It was like my porn. ~drool~

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