Monday, 10 November 2008


So here's three times.
I went around the corner to drop something in the outmail. Then, out of nowhere, there it was the people across the street's dog, barking, lunging, coming forward. I froze and realized there was of course, no one around. I decided I couldn't go back to my house the way I came and slowly moved without turning my back around the block. It continued. Finally, it stopped following. So here I am walking all the way around the other street around to my street. I come around the corner and there it is again running toward me. I stop. I woman was getting in her car and had her cell. I yelled, "This dog chased me around the block and all I want to do is get back in my house." She didn't really say anything, but stood and watched as I inched down the street yelling, "Go!" and "Shoo Dog!!" at the top of my lungs, going into people's front yards at the dog zig-zagged barking and growling. I knew his owners were home so I yelled louder. Finally, about five houses from my house, I heard her open the door, "Ok, Gordy, it's time to come in now." I screamed, "Please, keep your dog inside. This is the third time he's come after me, and just now around the block." The only response, "Come on Gordy," not even concerned. The dog ran inside. So here I am three hours later, still crying and shaking. They have left there house. I called Sam crying. He's going over to talk to them tonight, and I'll have no recourse but to call animal control or the police next time. I shouldn't have to be petrified to leave my house. I walk everywhere and often. This has also impeded my being able to take my dogs out for their daily walk because if I'm cornered, I don't know how my dogs would react.

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JB said...

:-) But I think they would be more effective on the stupid owners!!!! How did the "talk" go?