Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Food log for November 25, 2008


I am not feeling the greatest so I tend to eat less, especially since I cannot taste very much. I decided to start logging where everyone can see. Maybe I will feel scrutinized and judged?


2 cups of black coffee (actually 24 oz in the pot) 27 calories
1 serving old fashioned rolled oats 150 calories
1 tsp pure maple syrup 17 calories
1 kiwi 46 calories

Total 240 calories


11:30 black bean soup with onions, jalapenoes, garlic, herbs & spices 150 calories
1:45 portebella burger 90 calories.

Small bag of chips 150 calories


Lemongrass & Chile rice noodle bowl 220 calories
World's Chocolate Mint Meltaway 110 calories (whoa - looked after I ate it)
Sprite 110 calories (just needed it - bad)

Yesterday's total = 1070 calories

Whoa. I ate some crap stuff that I should have substituted with clean foods. I was just too lazy to take any effort as the day wore on. Today, I hope to do better. There was about 2 hours of dance-skate though. I actually feel it in my waist today. I felt like a dance teacher, "One, two, right, left, right, left, turn..." I have no clue how much that burned, if anything.


v8_grrl said...

ahhh. wheres the beer!?
so this morning I'm at :
1 cup of coffee with soymilk and a pound of sugar
and lt and fit yogurt with flaxseed

150 cal.

Lapetitemort said...

Sadly, when I'm feeling sick, I don't drink. =(
I plan to rectify that tomorrow - there will be no counting of anything then.