Tuesday, 4 November 2008


Well sort of. This is from a performance three weekends ago. I can't be too much bigger than that right now. Well, it's possible that I could be bigger. I figure this is as close to a naked before that I'll get, well besides the pasties picture and I decided to spare you all that one. Notice the nice muffin top, flab-a-wabba over the pretty sequined panties. Not that attractive is it?
I would like to get back to this point *points down*

Yeah, that was taken a few months ago, like July. Notice the differences between the two - ribs, no ribs, flat tummy, not-so-flat tummy. I'm actually really scared to take a picture right now, and I have a show Saturday night. I'm resorting to my fat costumes and very little reveal. I'm talking the nude colored bra with pasties glued to them, and only a few seconds of bra and panty action at the end of the act.
Looking at this should kick my fat ass into gear. Will it? Also, some of the girls and I have a group photo thingy in two weeks. ~sigh~ There are some really big shows coming up next month and in January. I should have extra motivation as I've now been included in the group for big shows at the club. I'll be joining in on being involved with planning and acts for the shows at the end of the year and all of next year.
Must psych myself up.
Run, Jenny, run.
Avoid the delicious beer.
Hula hoop during the week, like you used to, almost every day.
Eat tons and tons of fresh fruit and veggies.
Lift the weights, lift the weights, lift the weights.
Ok, I'm going to go and do something.


v8_grrl said...


We need to motivate each other. I can't even get off my ass either.

what ever shall we do?
come up with a plan...a real plan...I'll stick to it

JB said...

How did your show turn out? I am sure you were amazing!