Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Back! Have cold, but don't care.

I'm back from a wonderful vacation. I spent the week just hanging out with my girls. Most nights we spent at one's house cooking and chatting and having a glass of vino. So freaking relaxing! I have not laughed so much in a long time. I pulled out the tassels and had one of my girlfriends spinning away. She said she loved it. I guess I know what I'm buying her for Christmas, haha.

I spent one night with my parents. They took me to their favorite vintage store. ~faints~ Vintage, rhinestoned hats still in their original hat boxes! Vintage furniture, dishes, dresses... ~swoon~ If I only had brought a huge suite case just to be checked with stuff I could buy. My mom did give me one of my grandmother's dresses from the 50s. I remembered it and have always loved it. Now, it is mine!

I did indulge and buy some super cute bras and panties from House of Lounge in Uptown. I wanted to blow my bank account in Trashy Diva, but my senses came to. But Sam was like, "Jen, their 100% silk vintage reproductions. If they are going to last, you should have splurged." I just have trouble spending $300 on a dress. Now, though, I'm thinking of going to the website and maybe, just maybe getting one. I know there were some on sale...

My aunt cut ALL of my hair off. It's really versatile, can be mod looking, flapperish, Josephine Baker-like, even 50s depending on how I play with it. It's uber short in the back. She told me what guard to use with the clippers and how I can maintain it myself. I'm really enjoying it now that I'm getting used to it.

Getting ready for the holiday shows. I just agreed to be in another group act because she promised it was super simple and I couldn't screw it up, haha. So now I'm in three group acts and one solo. I'm having a practice tonight for the roller skate, make fun of ice skate routine. It's the first time that I have actually had to choreograph and teach to other people. I even wrote down the steps and counts in my notebook because I am petrified that I will forget even though I have done it a bazillion times in my kitchen. ~nervous~

It is now to work on my diet and exercise again. Vacations sure mess with that. Oh I wish you all could have been at the Tapas restaurant we ate at my last night. I think Anthony Bourdain would have been proud with the selections we made and those offered. Of course, my head was so stopped up and hurting I didn't get the full on experience. ~boo~ But what I did taste made my mouth do the Snoopy dance of glee!

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