Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Holy Psycho Mess

I cannot believe today. The phones have been ringing off of the hook, home one and cell. Of course because I had to bring Sam to the airport today, work is just going crazy with needing things and calling. If the phone is not ringing, they are emailing jobs. May I please pull my hair out now? Not to mention my knuckles are just aching with pain. Too much, I tell you! My house is pure 'd wreck.

Then, my door bell was ringing and the crazy, fear-aggression dog was going balistic. The neighbor came with a load of mail the mailperson put in their box. I'm glad she did because it was checks and medical bills. I was holding the dog by the collar because I was caught off guard and unable to go into the whole training method of how she is supposed to act when someone comes to the door simply because no one ever comes to our door. The woman made a comment about it. I felt like telling her that her freaking dog chased me down the street trying to attack me. At least my dog is away from people when they come over, and when she is out of the house (on a leash) she is totally fine. It's a territorial behavioral fear thing which we are getting training for. They let their big dog run around the neighborhood unattended terrorizing people. ~Sigh~

I'm sort of glad that my hat photo shoot was put off until tomorrow evening. I could not imagine getting myself all dolled up today. I'm kaput.

Sam is gone until the weekend so I should have expected life to just go insane since I have to handle everything on my own. Calgon take me away... Thank heavens we are off to Vegas at the end of next week.

edited to add

On a good note though, I got the coolest coffee mug from Barnes & Noble last night. It's big, black with bones and cartoon skulls all over it. There's even a little skull & cross bones on the white inside. Cute!! They also had an orange one with cute bats all over it. =)

Hair is evil. I am tempted to take Sam's clippers and do a shave job on my head this week. I keep telling myself that I'll be sorry if I do...

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