Wednesday, 29 October 2008


I jumped on the scale today, big mistake. Wowza. Vacation did some damage to my figure. I also noticed it in the pictures. Chubbiness over the jean tops, the dreaded ahhhhh muffin top! So, I made up my mind and walked up to the grocery to buy good things. Heck, we needed food anyway. I bought lots of fresh fruit and veggies, some whole grain pasta, oats, rice, bread, and organic chicken for the man. I am going to plan out the meals and stick to it. No more boozing on week nights for a while either. (Did I mention that we did cocktails and left over Chinese last night while watching the episodes of True Blood that we missed?)

I want to look decent when I go down to visit home in three weeks. Plus, I have been asked to perform in two big holiday shows in December and January. Being half naked for the big shows gives me some incentive. I want to look as toned as those other girls do. I am going to pull out my Oxygen magazines and go through the weight training routines, the nutrition plans, look at those chicks and get myself motivated. At least I walked about 1.25 miles so far today. I didn't buy dumb bells for no reason. And one of my magazines just had a whole section of dance exercises with a resistance band. I actually tore that out and put it in the neglected recipe and exercise folder. I have one of those resistance bands tucked away. What about all of those pilates, yoga, aerobic, belly dance and sculpting videos that I have bought over the years and never put in the dvd player? Maybe I will dust those off too.

I have given up on going to the gym. I can do more at home. I can get a curl bar and more weight plates. The dvd's that I have are more varied than the classes they offer. Their classes are few and the times suck. I just have to create the plan and stick to it. I was doing awesome a few months ago, right before I found out that I was pregnant. Then, with all of that uncertainty and the miscarriage things just went kaplooey. All thought of any health down the drain. I should really get myself healthy and fit if I want to try for that. When I came back from vacation I saw a girl that I know from the net for years just found out she was preggers. I am so happy for her, but I became overwhelmed with sadness and major blues yesterday. I thought I had passed that. Oh wait, going off on a tangent, let me get back on track. To tie in, when I get blue, I eat and grab cocktails. Not the healthy solution, but it's what I know. I know if I get back into exercising it will help with moods and periods too! Lighter, happier the commercial.

So, I guess there will be lots of recipe posts and boring exercise things that I discover to come.

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