Monday, 22 September 2008

My virgin post....

So my wonderful friend over at Two Smart Girls, One Fab Post
convinced me to move on over from LiveJournal to here. I will more than likely keep the LJ for a bit longer and post the same things over there.

Hrmmmm, what is there to tell? Not a ton. I do love food, hula hooping, roller skating, zombies, kitsch, bad b horror movies, old classics on TCM, animals, outside, food. Actually, I wish I could be Anthony Bourdain, what a freaking dream job. I love to cook, but hate cleaning up afterwards. If ever I win the lotto I would hire a kitchen maid just for cleaning up after me. I experiment with virtually any type of food.

Um, I'm married and my husband likes to take pictures of me while we're out drinking which is always fun... This is me pretending to be a zombie as we're sitting at a bar listening to rockabilly-surf music.

Sweet, right? Wouldn't love to come talk to me? Haha

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Mint Julep said...

Great picture. I love to take pictures of my husband. I'll have to get him to do the zombie.

Cooking is one of my top 5 hobbies. But I can only do it while drinking wine, therefore I drink way too much wine.

C'est la vie!