Thursday, 25 September 2008

FoOd, fOoD, FoOd, fOod

I have been a cooking fool since my work has been almost nonexistent lately. (yeah, it happens from time to time) I made these cookies yesterday. They came out soooo good! (even though I burned a few a little bit, oops) S even took a ziplock baggie of them to work with him this morning. =D

I have decided if we ever get "that" house, the one we'll never move out of, I am definitely getting a freaking industrial stove and oven.

I bought some shrimps. There will be shrimp & grits in our future! Also, I got all of the supplies to make S a pudding filled rum cake for his birthday next week. If I am feeling really ambitious, there may be some beignets this weekend with Irish coffees. Mmmmmm

Tonight I decided to batter & fry zucchini slices, from our garden. It hasn't happened yet because S isn't leaving work until later. He's also getting some Cajun style chicken. We're having a side of white beans and rice (meatless) left overs from the big pot I made on Monday. Possibly, I'll also batter & fry some okra too.

I really want to try a 200 year old recipe from a horse ranch in Texas for beer bread. Maybe tomorrow?

There is a deep need to throw dinner parties. I just fear that no one that I invite would show up. I absolutely adore cooking for people. HOwever, I have this deep-seeded fear that they will not enjoy the foods. =\

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