Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Baby, baby, where did my abs go?

So my husband is a crazy picture taking fool. Anywhere we are he feels the need to snap pictures. Usually, I'm giving the crazy faces because I hates it. Luckily, in this one he cut off right before the belly button, whew. Still, I have crazy look on my face because I was talking and trying to hide my stout beer out of the pic. Maybe that's where my abs went... I'll spare you the pictures of me giving him the dramatic gopher stare and sticking my tongue out.

You would think that seeing all of these pictures of me would motivate me to exercise. Uhuh. Yet, for some reason this morning all of my muscles are sore as if I had actually in fact done something of merit yesterday. Nada. Working behind the computer, sewing, light house work, cooking, eating and knocking back a few last night with the hubbin was my whole day. Today may constitute the same. Perhaps I'll pick up the dumb bells and maybe do something. Although, the man did mention going to Movie Tavern this afternoon. Food, booze and movies?! Yikes, there goes the plan to eat well.

So as I finish my 4th cup of joe, I'll go do my work, stuff my face and perhaps I'll work in clenching my glute muscles.

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v8_grrl said...

come on girl...do the running thing with me...it's only 4 weeks. my legs feel like jello today from doing the intervals.