Thursday, 11 September 2014

Food Porn.... Need It! and Winter Is Coming.

I am in need of new recipes.
I am in a food rut....
In actuality, I just haven't been eating.
I think I need some spice and variety, some inspiration.
Feel free to share with me some of your fit favorites!
After I'm finished work, I think I'm going to do a Pinterest obsessive food search!

On a random side note,
it's supposed to flurry here tonight and tomorrow morning.
I am just not ready for that!

and for your enjoyment from thoughtcatalog:

However, doesn't matter if dating, married, friend, these are just true, lol.

17 Things You Should Know Before You Date An Athletic Girl

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Butt compliments are the best-est.

There is nothing like a little esteem boost.
Go ahead, admit it, you like it too.
I've had a few appointments the past weeks.
At every single one, the nurses have given me compliments.
Don't bust my bubble by saying they are trained to do that either.
I'm taking them where I can get them, lol.

So, let's just say that I now like my bum a little more.
Who'd have thunk that having other ladies tell you that you have a nice booty in various fun ways would feel so good. 
I guess project build a butt has been working.

That is my random feel good thought.
Have a good weekend!

I have plans to make this bum go from cute to spectacular. =)

Friday, 5 September 2014

Spotlight on Al Daltrey ~ Interviews, Blog, and More!

You have seen him here before. I have mad love for Author Al Daltrey. This man has become a friend and a mentor for me. As you will see, the cat is out of the bag, as he has been outing me. ;) Al allowed me in when he was writing Testing the Submissive. He gave me the great privilege of being along side of him through his whole process and beyond. As I said, he has also become my mentor as he has been prodding me to continue to write and helping me along the way with one of the projects that I've had lying around for years. With his help and support, it's almost done. And now, those of you who didn't now will know my real name too. But enough about that, let's get on with the spotlight of Al!  Please, go show support for my friend, wonderful Author Al Daltrey. Below are links, kinks, and interviews so that you may get to know the man more.

Author Interview Questions– Al Daltrey –
Pinky’s Favorite Authors
Spotlight September 3, 2014

Where are you from originally?
A small town in Northern Canada that had a paper mill and a factory. Think John Mellancamp, but with way more snow in the winter.

Tell us your latest news?
I’m getting my own blog ready. It will be called ‘View From the Top’ and focus on memories and musings from my years living the BDSM lifestyle. Unlike my book, which is pure fiction, this will be all about real life.

If you could have a dinner party with any authors from any time in history, who would you choose and why?
I’m not a big reader, to be honest. I’d much rather have dinners with musicians such as Pete Townshend, or Robbie Robertson, or Tracy Chapman.

What books or authors have influenced your writing?
A good friend whose pen name is Polecat influenced me. As did Lia Anderssen. The Beauty Series by Anne Rice rocked my world when it was first released as I was new to the lifestyle then. I stumbled across various free stories on websites such as literotica or bdsmlibrary which also inspired me to write.

Is there an Author that you would really like to meet?
I’d enjoy having a Margarita with Kimber S. Dawn. I love her energy, her spirit and her raw honesty. I think she’s from Shreveport Louisiana, which is also where (the musician) Kenny Wayne Shepherd is from, so maybe he can join us too!

What book are you reading now and in what format (ebook/paperback/hardcover)?
I’m beta-reading Jen Lassalle Edward’s upcoming book which is still in Word. I like everything about it, except that her writing is so much more visual than mine that I’m envious, lol. Her book is amazing.

Tell us a little about your background. When did you start writing?
I work in Marketing, so business writing including advertising is a big part of what I’ve done for the last couple decades. About ten years ago I wrote a screenplay for a romantic comedy, but it never went anywhere. Then, earlier this year, on a whim I decided to start writing a BDSM story. I had no idea that it would eventually turn into a novel.

Where do you get your ideas?
I’m a kinkster at heart. Several of the ideas behind the sex scenes are based on real life experiences, but then embellished and pushed to the extreme for fiction. I have a long commute to work so the car is a great place to think. This way, when I sit down to write, the ideas are mostly formed and it’s a matter of crafting the words.

Can you tell us a little bit about Testing the Submissive?
I’ve always been incredibly aroused by the process of ‘interviewing’ submissive women. I’ve done it numerous times in real life. The way the girl blushes when she has to admit the number of men (or women) she’s slept with. Or how embarrassed she gets when confessing that being spanked arouses her. The way she hesitates before describing the kinkiest thing she’s ever done. The initial title for this book was‘Interview with a Submissive’ but I changed it to ‘Testing’ when I realized there was already a popular BDSM novel with a similar title to my first one. Much of the novel is told via interviews where Lewis (the Dom) is interrogating Abby (the sub). He sends her a series of ‘tests’ or appointments, and during this process their connection deepens.

How long did it take you to complete?
I started in February and was finished by June. However work would get in the way and there were gaps. I’d say it was about 90 days of writing including editing and fine tuning.

Are any of your characters based on real-life friends or acquaintances?
Some, yes. I could tell you which ones but they’d hunt me down.

Do you ever incorporate yourself into your characters?
I think every author does, whether they admit it or not. Lewis (the Dom in ‘Testing’) is far more extreme than I am, but we definitely share a lot of DNA.

Tell us about your cover. Did you design it yourself? Where did you get the inspiration for your cover?
I did the original design, and selected the photograph. However, a key member of my Street-team, Jen Campbell did some wonderful color work to give it that earthy tone, and also found a much better font. She prepared all of the files, including a tremendous amount of work designing and creating my teasers. I wanted the cover to be suggestive, but not explicit. Sometimes less is more.

Ok, now some fun questions….

Coffee or Tea?
Coffee, hands down. Real Doms don’t drink tea (kidding).

White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate or Milk Chocolate?
Dark, for sure. White is tempting but always disappoints. Milk is too sweet. Plus, doesn’t dark have all the antioxidants?

What is your favourite colour?

Winter or Summer?
Summer all the way.

If you could have one superpower what would it be?
To fuck like a jackrabbit.

If you could be somebody else for a day who would you choose and why?
Johnny Depp so I could enjoy Amber Heard.
Where can we find you online?


Interview Questions:
Amazeballs Book Addicts
Spotlight: September 5, 2014

1) Can you tell us a little about yourself?
By day I work in Marketing, which involves a fair amount of writing. Therefore, I never had an interest in writing for pleasure. To be honest, nor am I a big reader.  Again, I have to do so much reading for work, it’s just not what I want to do when I get home.
All that said, I’m a kinkster at heart. I’ve had a lot of experience in the bdsm lifestyle, and was lucky enough to have had some incredible women in my life. One day, I flipped open my laptop and starting writing a kinky bdsm story, not really thinking about where it would lead. Soon I had 20 pages, then 40, then 60 and I knew I was on my way to my first novel. It was my love of bdsm that triggered it, not my love of writing.

2) Do you have a favorite spot to write?
Not so much a favorite spot, but a unique one - which interestingly is in my car. Most weekends my wife and I head up to our chalet. It’s two hours in either direction, and it’s quite common for me to spend the entire four hours writing on my laptop in the passenger seat. As I said to a few people, a good portion of my book, ‘Testing the Submissive’, was written while travelling 60 mph.

3) Do you listen to music while you write?
I do. Although the music I listen to when I write is softer than what I normally listen to. I like hard rock, and heavy stuff, and eclectic music. But when I write, I normally listen to stuff that is more mellow, and more folky. So, ‘writing’ music for me would be Ben Harper, Ray Lamontagne, Amos Lee, Tracy Chapman, etc.

4) Do you have any odd writing habits?
When I was in the crux of the book I needed to know I’m making at least some progress every single day. So, during that time, no matter how busy I got, I always forced myself to write at least one new page each day. Writing can flow easily at times, and be a total chore at other times. So, even on a bad day, I made sure at least a little bit got done.

5) What is the hardest scene you have ever written?
I’ve only written the one book, so nothing really comes to mind.  I’m sure over time this will happen, but so far…no chapter or scene sticks out as having been more difficult to write than the others.

6) What's the last book you read?
I am right in the midst of reading a book by Jen Lassalle Edwards. It will be her first book, and it will be stunning.  She’s the most visual writer I’ve ever read.

7) What's one random fact about yourself that you can share?
I think I have a bit of autism. I like rocking my head back and forth when I listen to music.  In fact, I think we all have a little bit of autism, or depression or ADD.

8) What’s your favorite outdoor activity?
Too many to mention. Growing up, I spent every possible moment outside. I loved sports: basketball, hockey, football, baseball, tennis, swimming, etc.  It was the era before the internet, but as long as I was outside, I was happy. Nowadays my wife and I hike the Bruce Trail in Ontario Canada, ride our bikes, and jump in the cool waters of Georgian Bay or Lake Muskoka whenever we can.

9) Is there a topic that you refuse to write about?
There will never be a character in any of my (erotic) work that is under the age of say 25.  I also can’t imagine I will ever write about force, as the big turn on for me is consensual play.

10) What project are you working on now?
I’ve started my second bdsm novel which is called ‘A Condo with Two Views’.  It will be written from the perspective of both the male Dom and the female sub, chapter by chapter, back and forth. Readers will see how men and women often see the same event differently.  In the story the Dom will begin to share his wife with others who live in their condominium, so our heroine will also feel a bit like a fish in an aquarium, which will hopefully add to the intensity of it all.

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Food Porn

It's been a while since I've done a food porn recipe post.
This one is worth sharing. =)
I will say that next time I would reduce the amount of unsweetened almond milk used to make it a thicker batter.
I may even grind the oats like I do for my daily pancakes.
This is a great make ahead grab and go breakfast for early mornings or just something different and yummy that I would use when I'm feeling like a little change.

I found this little gem at Dashing Dish.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Working on Self & Self Discovery & Positivity & Discovering New!

All through the past few years of these transitions, one thing has remained constant. People that I have trained with, my coach, friends, all keep telling me to be more positive and find more balance in my life. They have all recommended books to read.
Many of which, I have read.
I was told to keep a journal and everyday put a good thought or inspirational quote in it.
(I've laxed on that, lol).

In this time, though at a snail's pace, I have made little changes toward being more positive, trying to believe the whole

"What you think, you become.
What you feel, you attract.
What you imagine, you create."

Those of you who have followed for a long while already know that I spend a good bit of time in my own head, thinking, evaluating, over thinking, stressing....
Yeah, you know, haha.

I've made great leaps in my effort to laugh everyday. Those of you who follow me on the book of faces often get to share those snark filled little bits of fun.
I'm still striving for that peacefulness.
... that you choose to make you happy.
...letting go.
A little spiritual healing if you will, sprinkled with perhaps enlightenment?
I have tried to surround myself with positive, supportive people and distance myself from those who are overly negative.

Lo and behold, over the past months, through the power of the almighty FaceBook, I met someone who has challenged my thought process, endeavors to try and teach me new ways of thinking, and open my mind to new possibilities - no matter how many times I have said, "Nope, don't get it, don't see it, don't understand it."
On a side note, we both like fitness, and he has also liked to challenge me with horrendous HITT to try.

We've discussed some mighty deep topics.
At times, I start to think deeper { well sometimes, that's a good thing, other times, not so much, lol}

In the process, Cody offered to do my birth chart.
Hey, I'm into alternative stuff.
(We'll discuss my love of those things at a later date.)
So, I thought, okay what the heck? Do it and send me all the info.

Whoa! Um, tres cool, folks.
In case you didn't know, birth charts are sort of a gander into a person's personality/character. It's done by evaluating the location of the planets and astrological houses at the time of birth along with the person's astrological sign and location of the person's birth.
Not only was it fun to read, but I would say 90% to 95% was spot on.
Okay, so maybe you're skeptical.
Well, that's fine, but it didn't hurt anything to read and find out some interesting astrological info, that made me do a little reflecting and perhaps in its own way made me more aware of myself.
The info was more than what you would see with a horoscope.
It offers insight to your past, your potential, your character... so much.
Did I mention, it was really cool to read through?

So Cody's business is as an alternative healer, yoga instructor, laugh-meister.
(Isn't this all of my friends on FB?)
I encourage you to check him out.
Plus, his pages are always full of inspirational messages.
Perhaps, have a birth chart done? ;)
You can find Cody on FB, along with his Star Lotus Healing page. 
(click to go there!) 

Friday, 1 August 2014

2 Weeks shy of 4 months post competition.

I was asked by some fellow fitness ladies about my after competition body now. I will admit, having family and folks in visiting, I made excuses to splurge some. I don't always follow my lifestyle as well as I should. There may have also been more goodies than there should be lately. So this is me, almost 4 months after. This also keeps me accountable, and it tells me that I have to tighten up my "treat" schedule and kick it up at the gym some. So, I'm going to re-implement it ~
I can see that I'm started down that slippery slope, and I would like to reign it in before I slide ALL the way down again. 
workout-progress pics
 Keep it Healthy Friends, and Happy! Today is a new start  **** speaking of, I'm off to that place!

For future reference, yeah, photos sometimes make me face the reality...

On a quick side note, I think that I'm going to be giving the blog an overhaul.
I'm thinking tabs to separate Fitness, Books, Smut, "Secret Mission" <-to announced="" be="" hope.="" i="" soon="" span="">

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Enthusiasm is Contagious

My friend and her daughter came in this past weekend to visit with me.
From the time that I picked them up at the airport bright and early Friday morning, they were like excited sponges.
We went to my house where I made coffee and breakfast for us all....
my protein pancake recipe. =)
I loved that they loved it and wrote down everything that I did.
We then talked recipes, workouts, people in the industry.
Then, they took a much deserved nap having woke up before 4am that morning.
Afterwards, we hit a local chain restaurant.
I love how they asked me all sorts of questions about the menu, and I was able to help them navigate and give options when going out to eat.
Friday night, I took them to Team Workout!
Being a nubile almost 16 year old, C attacked that like a beast!!
My super coach spent time with her talking, encouraging, then gave her some autographed photos and a team shirt.
Talk about super excited?!

Saturday was much of the same, but instead, we hit the gym right up the street.
Lo and behold, when we entered there was another pro there for her to meet.
Rose was (and always is) so approachable and encouraging.
I told C, "Holy cow girl! Two pro's in two days?!"
We then jumped in to an upper body workout where I showed her some moves to switch it up during her routine.
So as not to bore you with every detail, the point is that spending a weekend with someone who is so excited and enthusiastic ignited my flame again.
Not that I have ever stopped, but I was beginning to wonder why I keep doing this.
With her, I know why now.
I am one amazed and happy camper.