Monday, 3 November 2014


A head's up!
I have created a separate blog purely for my author ramblings.
This page will be for my fun and fitness!
That's not to say that I won't occasionally post updates here.
Here's a shameless plug:

A story of intrigue, fitness, kink and menage.....

I will also say that I am so, so grateful for the book folks in my life.
All of those that I have become friends with and have beta-read for, proof-read for, pimped out....
so special and so integral in this process.
Thank you to all of them and the pros in the field who have graciously offered services and are guiding me through the process.
They have been making me teasers, making me media packages, planning cover reveals and online release parties.
I honestly could not have done any of this without them, 
especially with the crazy schedule that I have been keeping.

I guess I just wanted to say that this blog will not be converting to purely my literary smut ramblings.
I want to keep this one devoted to fitness, fun, food, and frivolity. 

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Did you know?! Just WoW!

This is just a hilarious story that I have to share.
For background, my real job is dealing with boundary and topographical surveying.
I provide the plat drawings from land surveyors.
In doing this, I have to know information about the property, structures on the property, topographical changes, utilities, just tons of borning info.

Out at a site in rural, mountainous Colorado:
The houses are lovely.
Of course, everything around is picturesque: mountains, trees, rocks, creeks, mini-waterfalls, cliffs.
In this area, I began to notice all of these little buildings spaced away from main residences. Some even had landscaped paths with little lights edging them.
Of course, curiosity got the better of me.
Besides, every structure must be labeled: Garage, Shed, Moveable Shed, Office, etc.

This = outhouse!
And it's totally within code in this county!

It had to do with the way the terrain is. There is no city or county water or septic.
All of these places rely on wells and septic tanks.
However, some areas have no room for a leech field of a normal septic receptacle.
Some of these properties do have a large tank which has to be pumped one to two times a month at $300 a pop?!
That's some expensive potty-ing and removal of gray water.
In large, many of these homes were built turn of the century and renovated for modern conveniences, except for toilets....
In fact, some of these outhouses have been around for the same period of time.

Learn something new everyday.

Friday, 10 October 2014

Books & Bodies....

I have been so flipping exhausted that I have been loopy as a crack head.
Seriously, I feel sorry for those who have had conversations or "chatted" with me at the end of the day, lol.
I'm pretty sure that I sound legally insane.
So if you have had the pleasure of me the past week, well, sooooorrrrry!
On the book side, guess who finished draft two of her smut rag?
*This Girl*
It has gone to the beta-reading process.
The copies got sent out last night.
One beta-reader finished it, and I had wonderful emails this morning.
But, she's going to give me thoughts and suggestions too, which I absolutely love constructive criticism.
I really want this to be well received, even if it not a literary masterpiece.
However, the positive comments that I have received just overnight has me feeling better about the story not being a complete piece of fecal fiction!

Now, my thoughts are moving on to the cover.
I would love to stay away from stock photos.
I wish my friend were in town soon.
He comes to Denver often.
He is a dork and smart-ass, but I suppose that's why we get along, lol.
We have been friends for quite a while.
Though, I view him as a brother, I acknowledge that he has a phenomenal physique. I would love to ask him to bring another built friend with tattoos, so that I could have a photog friend do a shoot.
I would promise to cut off their heads so their work, friends and family wouldn't know they were on the cover of my porn on paper!
Maybe I convince some local competitors or athletes that I'm acquainted with to do it?
But, I will probably stick with stock photos.
There is always the dream, lol.

I have been continuing my training, though it is much lighter than it used to be, but still consistent. 
My food, however, has not been consistent at all.
I have slid down a slippery slope of comfort foods.
I am still on the hunt for super awesome recipes.
Of course, I would rather look at pictures and recipes than cook lately....

I however want to get my mojo back and represent the lifestyle well.
It hit me that people actually are influenced by me.
What's weirder is when my friends' kids who are in high school and beginning college tell me they think I'm kick-ass?!
One whom I have know since he was a little guy too, told his dad to tell me he thinks that I should do CrossFit competitions.
I told him that I would probably die because I have not even tried CrossFit.
It's awesome that he thought that though, lol.
Maybe one day, I'll give it a go.

Which leads me to this:
I need sleep!
Until I can have some hours of uninterrupted sleep, I will fill up on coffee and hope to not become a slurring fool.
Here I am trying to have normal not goofy face.... 
Or maybe I was just too tired to even try to be my dork-ish self

Tuesday, 30 September 2014


I am by no means a religious person, but I will say that I feel blessed, lucky in my life no matter what is going on, or when things get a little chaotic or hairy.
Sure, I sometimes hermit away and turn into myself or distance myself, but in actuality, I know I have it good. 
I always believe that things will eventually work out, even it it gets a little nerve-wracking for a period.
Lord love my mother because she knows when I'm in my moods, lol.
Yep, I still call my parents pretty much everyday, and thankfully, she won't talk my ear off if I'm not into talking. I am my father's daughter in these times, for sure.

I've been absent more because I have been picking up some extra work and another set of side work. I will say I am busy but grateful because it came as it is needed. Hopefully, it continues a little longer. =)

One of those glimpses and reminders of how good I have it was when I went to one of our team workouts at the gym this past week. It had been well over a month since I had gone due to some stupid circumstances.
I realized how much I missed those Friday night dates with this group of women who are always there to support and encourage each other.
These ladies actually care about each other, and I them.
This sport and group make me so happy. =)
I also realize that I am so lucky to workout and socialize with athletes that I idolize.
This weekend alone, I was in a circle of four Olympia athletes and five other pros.
How dream-like is that?

On a weird note, this week I have come in more contact with those in wheel chairs who are unable to walk, are paralyzed or plagued by some muscular disease.
Being around these people who just make it work and live and don't complain about their situation made me also realize how good I do have it.

Along with that, yes folks, I have finished the first draft of my first book.
I have a friend who works for a publisher reading to tell me if it is pure poop or not before I go back in to polish this thing up and begin the beta reading process.
Given the advice by another author to step away from it for a week before going back in, this works out great. In the meantime, I am also proofing and beta reading for yet another author, lol.  

In all of my life, I never would have thought that I would be involved in any of these things. The past two years have proved me so, so wrong.
So, as many times as things have not gone as planned, or continue to not go as planned, or it seems that the pile of weirdness and bricks of stopping dreams keeps growing, I have to believe that I will eventually climb out, and I think on these little things that I have been so blessed with to know that life is going forward.

I have a ton of stuff going on, some life altering stuffs too.
Instead of worrying over it, I'm just going to ride the tide and trust that all is going to turn out like it should and the good keeps going good and the not so good, well, that I surf it out, right?

Thursday, 25 September 2014

ROMAN by Kimber S. Dawn

I was super lucky and really excited to get an ARC of Kimber S. Dawn's newest release ROMAN.
I could not wait to delve into the mind of her newest twisted creation.
Let me tell you that I was not disappointed!
Kimber has an uncanny way of taking a completely nefarious character and making you love him and hate him at the same time.
Roman is pure evil, don't be fooled.
He knows it too and relishes in it.
Heather also becomes a character that you feel for, yet wonder, what the hell is wrong with you?
You will be sucked in and not want to get up until you hit the last page even throughout the atrocities and diabolically sinister story.

Roman is a man of little words and lesser morals. He's a man who accepted he demons long before the average person even realized they had any. Roman has never felt emotions like guilt, shame, or remorse. Roman has also never felt love, sympathy, or compassion.
Jaded for reasons unknown, with more money at his disposal than he knows what to do with, Roman's walk to the dark side began long before his first kill. He will taunt you, he will make you hope and watch in amusement as you fall for him, believing you're the one who can save his soul. Believing you're the one who can get through because the other twelve failed, you'll know to the marrow of your bones how lucky being number thirteen really is...
How do I know all of this? Because, my name is Heather Mackenzie and I've been number thirteen for a lot longer than I ever intended to be.

Roman by Kimber S. Dawn buy at Amazon:

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Food Porn.... Need It! and Winter Is Coming.

I am in need of new recipes.
I am in a food rut....
In actuality, I just haven't been eating.
I think I need some spice and variety, some inspiration.
Feel free to share with me some of your fit favorites!
After I'm finished work, I think I'm going to do a Pinterest obsessive food search!

On a random side note,
it's supposed to flurry here tonight and tomorrow morning.
I am just not ready for that!

and for your enjoyment from thoughtcatalog:

However, doesn't matter if dating, married, friend, these are just true, lol.

17 Things You Should Know Before You Date An Athletic Girl

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Butt compliments are the best-est.

There is nothing like a little esteem boost.
Go ahead, admit it, you like it too.
I've had a few appointments the past weeks.
At every single one, the nurses have given me compliments.
Don't bust my bubble by saying they are trained to do that either.
I'm taking them where I can get them, lol.

So, let's just say that I now like my bum a little more.
Who'd have thunk that having other ladies tell you that you have a nice booty in various fun ways would feel so good. 
I guess project build a butt has been working.

That is my random feel good thought.
Have a good weekend!

I have plans to make this bum go from cute to spectacular. =)